Bruno and Ursula

Wicky picked us up at the airport on behalf of a friend of his, with whom we had booked a 12-day Sri Lanka round trip. He introduced himself to us and told us that he would be our driver for the first days until his friend could join us. Two days later we started our round trip with Wicky and felt so comfortable, so that we absolutely wanted to continue with him. When we realized after a couple of days on tour that we had forgotten our hiking boots in Negombo, it was him who spontaneously asked his driver friends to bring them up to Nuwara Eliya; we were so thankful to him.

Wicky is a good organizer, knows many interesting places and had always good ideas whenever we desired a change of program. We appreciated that he respected our desire not to visit every souvenir shop or factory along the way. Wicky took us to many good guest houses and hotels; all of them were well run and spotlessly clean and they all served delicious meals. We really felt sorry when we had to say good bye to him at the airport at the end of our holiday. Wicky did a very good job. He is trustworthy, reliable and caring and above all an excellent driver. We always felt comfortable with him and can sincerely recommend him to future clients. Thank you Wicky, you made our time in Sri Lanka unforgettable.

Bruno and Ursula from Switzerland